What is “Practical Life”?

Practical Life.

images-21“By myself!” or “I can do it!” a vital and natural request for independence in a Montessori School is respected and nourished,





images-12It is understood that we cannot learn from other peoples’ mistakes we have to learn from our own, and by making mistakes and trying again and again, practice, is how we learn.

This way of learning is encouraged not frowned upon.





images-18 Maria Montessori, being a keen observer of the child recognised this need and she used and developed,





images-3the materials that we all have in our every day lives. She brought these materials into her children’s houses and gave the children in her care “Practical Life”.





images-13Practical Life, very important steps to independence, a joy to every child no matter what age.





images-19A place of their very own, in a carefully prepared environment, to give each and every child the choice to gain independence.





images-4Practical life a wide variety of activities from scrubbing potatoes to sorting to folding a handkerchief or pouring water from a jug to a glass, to polishing shoes and tying laces and plaiting (braiding) hair.





Class Practical LifewA wide range of Practical Life materials from our every day lives are on the shelves in a Montessori classroom, with graded development appropriate to age and skill, available for a child to choose to and “practice life”.





images-28Children are encouraged to care for their environment, themselves, and their community and by using and practicing the Practical Life materials they are empowered and develop, independence, confidence, concentration and self reliance and so much more.





Empower the child.


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