images-12I am a Montessori Teacher with 25 years teaching experience in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Europe and the United States.

After School hours, I tutor those that need that little bit extra help with Reading, Writing, Math, Language Comprehension, Focus, Concentration and Self Discipline.


images-11My first aim when working with a child is to decipher the child’s challenges and gifts, what they love, what they are good at, what they hate and why? This lends me an insight into the way a child will respond and react to teaching tuned to their strengths and their weaknesses.



images-14Most children see tutoring as having to do more dreaded work, and because of this attitude I also think it is tantamount to success that a child understands that this extra work that they are required to do at this point in time in their life is a collaboration; a journey that we will travel together with mutual respect until he/she feels empowered and confident in his/her own ability.


images-13I think it is very important to listen to a child, they are usually keenly aware of what they do not like at School and why they find things so difficult.




images-16Working together on a chosen subject, whatever that maybe, learning to Read, Comprehension, Writing learning English as a Second Language, Math etc. I need to develop a partnership of trust.

I show compassion and empathy, joy and a strong belief that having a positive, caring, firm but fair attitude will encourage a child to believe in him/herself and slowly but surely develop a love of learning.


Empower the child



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