The Three Period Lesson in a Nut Shell.


The Three Period Lesson is an invaluable tool that every Montessori teacher needs to practice until it becomes totally automatic and part of her/his every day teaching experience.






An example with the Sandpaper Letters, but it can be anything you are teaching, terminology cards, life cycle cards, geometric shapes, colours. etc.

First Period: “This is……..” (naming)

images-3Demonstrate to the child, trace the letter and say the name, and encourage the child to do the same.

“This is “c”

“This is “a”

“This is “t”


Second Period: “Can you show me……..”(association and recognition)

Ask the child still saying the name, and tracing the shape, when the child points to the correct card ask him/her to say the name and trace the shape.

images-111“Show me…”c”….(for example) in the set of three Sandpaper letters.

“Show me  “_” for each of the letters.

Keep changing the order of the letters



Third Period: “what is this?”(recall)

61e126e5c151608d2b27481ab701b2ceAsk the question, and point to a card.

“What is this?”

Continuing asking for each Sandpaper Letter.



If they are uncertain ask them to trace the letter.”maybe your fingers can help you remember”

If they still don’t know, offer encouragement and suggest that they would perhaps like to try again now or tomorrow and follow the child’s lead.


1) Memory game.

2) Secret naming bag/tray.

3) Association games.

Age: all ages.


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