The Atmosphere in a Montessori School.


The atmosphere and feeling one should experience when entering a Montessori School.

You are entering a “Children’s House” this is a child’s place, a place where children are safe, secure and confident, and where a child’s needs come first.


images-21) You should feel instantly welcome, and greeted in a way that encourages you to want to be there.

2) The person, usually the Director, who is guiding you should be speaking in a low voice, respecting the children and teachers.


3) The children will notice you, some may greet you, some may be inquisitive as to why you are there…this may be seen as interrupting but this questioning is respected by the Director and teacher and a child’s questions are answered matter of factly. A child’s curiosity comes first, and no question is too silly or dismissed. You may see the Director or teacher redirect the child back to their activity.

images-1244) You will feel and see a general camaraderie, children chatting in low voices, working together or individually on many different activities. Coming and going at will, eating snack or going to the bathroom.




images-1325) You will see the Teacher giving individual or group lessons, you will see her/him having an overview perspective and observing children. The teacher may be moving about, offering help, guidance and giving individual or group lessons and demonstrations.



images-1356) A big part of a Montessori teacher’s job is observing the child, encouraging independence and freedom of choice. You will see her/him start children off on an a activity and then move on to another child, encouraging them to work independently but alway there to answer any questions.



images-127) You may see a child struggling and the teacher not helping, she/he will step in if the child needs help, you will see children striving to be independent in the most natural way.



8) You will see the Teacher working on the floor or at a table with a child, at a child’s level.

images-49) You will see respectful and courteous behaviour between the children and between the teacher and the children.

10) You will notice an uninterrupted “work period” of time usually 3 hours where the children are free to work on one activity or many activities.



images-1111) You will see smooth transitions from work to play, to lunch, to nap, routine and rhythm to the School and classroom.





maddie carrying tray12) You will see a sense of order, materials being removed from the shelves and replaced to the same place, by the child or teacher.

13) You will see that a child will know where to find an activity or any thing she/he may need.



images-2214) You will notice that the children are independent that they show initiative and confidence, that they do not need to ask the teacher for  reassurance or praise or what to do or where to go.



15) You will see that a Teacher will not offer praise but instead will carefully observe and describe a child’s work or activity. You will notice that children do not experience failure, but experience practice.

16) You will find notice the respectful way the children ask each other for materials, and the respect they show of each and every child’s space.


images-13217) You will see a  mixed age classroom and will notice the older children mentoring the younger children.





images-2818) You will see the classroom maintained and environment looked after by the children and teacher, by the end of the day it mostly looks like it did at the beginning of the day.




images-12319) You may notice conflict resolution in the peace corner either with or without the teacher’s guidance.





20) You will find an environment that supports, encourages and empowers the child in every way.

Empower the child.




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