1294611848604-121956665“Our family came to know Sharon when she was Arlo’s kindergarten teacher. Back then, we were very impressed with not only her work but also how she took the time to sit down with us and discuss Arlo’s options in terms of elementary schools. Arlo loves his school now and we are grateful to Sharon for pointing us in that direction.

During elementary school, Sharon has provided tutoring for Arlo to supplement his school work. She has not only helped him progress content wise but also has been tremendously supportive of his growth as an individual, as well as instilling in him the work habits he needed to succeed. She is flexible in terms of scheduling appointments and is very professional in the way she handles her interaction with us.

She gives us periodic reports as to what and how he is doing, and updates us every session. She also works with his classroom teachers to coordinate his curriculum so that her work with Arlo supplements what he is doing in class.

We know Sharon cares about Arlo very deeply and he is not just another student for her.

The great thing is, we know that Sharon approaches all her students with the same concern and care and goes out of her way to make sure their needs are met.

Arlo is doing much better in school now and Sharon is one of the biggest reasons why that is the case. He understands how much she has done for him and loves her for it! So do we!

We feel very incredibly fortunate she continues to be in Arlo’s life.”

Dr. Berna Aksu


images-112“Sharon was able to help my daughter improve her reading skills to catch up with her classmates. Sharon breaks up the tutoring time into a variety of tasks keeping the lesson engaging. My daughter enjoyed her time with Sharon and would often complain when her lesson was over.”

Jeanne Gorham



images-108My son has progressed and matured so much under Sharon’s tutoring program over the last two years. She addresses the whole child’s learning experience, not just the math and language facts. Sharon has given us insight on my son’s learning style, his gifts, his challenges, his likes and dislikes, his social skills and even his emotions regarding learning, life and transitions. She has empowered my son by giving him ways to approach homework and planning skills for due dates for assignments. I give her credit for inspiring my son to enjoy writing not just endure the assignments. Not once has my son complained about going to tutoring – he loves it! – Allison Lloyd.


images-17Sharon has been instrumental in Amanda’s growth as a student. When Amanda started the First grade we saw immediate signs of her struggling to get through the class material. Therefore, Amanda’s overall interest in school began to wane. She would come home crying how she hated school, she hated math and reading. We sought Sharon’s help to work with Amanda in hopes to get Amanda turned around. Sharon, working with Amanda twice a week, helped her with her homework as well as showing Amanda better methods to succeed at her academics. After a month we began to see huge improvements and Amanda’s increased happiness towards school. She was happy to go to school again and found learning fun and challenging. She enjoyed taking on challenges now, where before she backed away. Her confidence grew. Sharon has been working with Amanda throughout her first grade year; we have seen Amanda grow immensely. Amanda now is a confident student, repeatedly volunteering to read in front of the class and relishes in the challenge and reward of doing the work at the best of her ability. This would not have been accomplished without the help of Sharon. Last, but not least we recommend Sharon for her ability to help students; she is someone who is compassionate about your child’s growth. Amanda always asks, “When am I going to Sharon’s again?” – Scott Ballard.

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