Summer Time Respite and Making Choices.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASummer freedom from routine, time to hangout, get away, be out all day exploring the neighbourhood with friends, inventing games, riding bikes, swimming and being bored!

In our frenetic school year our lives are usually micro-managed, summer comes along and offers a respite.


For Parents that work it can be a challenge,

1) Finding the right summer programme.

2) Making sure there is a healthy change from their school going routine.

3) Creating a fun memorable summer rest with time to be innovative, communicative, play, be bored and grow!

4) Finding a summer programme that really is about summer for both parents peace of mind and one that offers a child a good, stress free, summer.



A summer program in a Montessori School can offer a complete change within the environment the child is accustomed to, or it can be a good introduction to the school, where a choice of a variety of daily activities are offered to the child.



It is very important that it is a child’s choice as to whether they want to partake and the freedom to decide how they would like to spend their day, colouring all day, reading all day, playing outside etc. or doing many different thing, choice is the key.

images-139A Montessori Summer Programme can become an extension of home, where children can go and play with their friends without a parent having to find time for that scheduled “playdate” and be a place where they can do what they would do at home.




Summer-Fun-01-500Summer is a time to do something completely different from the routine of the school year and an opportunity to slow down.

A relaxed Summer time reaps enormous benefits for children and prepares the body and soul for the next academic year.


Empower the child.


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