Fascinating Facts for Projects. 21st-27th June.

JUNE 21st


Summer solstice when the sun is at its highest point and the Northern hemisphere has it’s longest day of sunlight. The longest summer evening is celebrated in many European countries.

no-churn_ice_cream_72012_16x9How about making very tasty ice cream the easy way? 

1 pint of whipping cream

1 egg white

1 cup castor sugar

1 splash/dollop of flavoring (I love goiaba paste, guava) but it could be strawberry, chocolate, vanilla anything you like.

In a bowl separate the egg white from the yoke (no need for the yoke in this recipe) and whip the white until firm, continue slowly adding the sugar until all the sugar is gone.

In another bowl whip the cream until thick and then with a metal spoon, (if you use wood it goes flat..don’t ask me why) fold the egg mixture into the cream, also fold in your flavor and voila you have your ice-cream, pop it into an ice try or something that can go into the deep freeze and freeze.

Lick the bowl..it’s delicious!

P.S. you can give the children a chance to whip the egg and cream in the large bowls, but when it comes to blending it is fun for them to have their individual bowls which they can freeze and eat from later.

images-502) FATHER’S DAY, how about making him ice cream?





JUNE 23rd,

original1) In 1868 the TYPEWRITER PATENTED

A little bit of history.

Gosh, if you can find an old typewriter at Goodwill or some such place and show the children, in this age of computers imagine their delight at typing on a typewriter, especially if it works! Watch the mechanics of it and let them have a go. Need to be careful or all the keys bunch up..takes timing and coordination.

Pictures of the steps from the first typewriters to the use of computer qwerty will be very visual and interesting. Compare the letters on the typewriter with the Sand paper letters.

JUNE 24th

1) Henry VIII was crowned King of England, 1509. Interesting history

JUNE 25th.


images-46Eric Carle has created so much joy and delight for children and adults in his wonderful stories, Listen to him read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

On his special day you can have a Drama activity.

The hungry Caterpillar, so much fun to act out each stage of the story from eating too much (gobble gobble actions), good and bad food having such a tummy ache (bending over double and groaning) and resting in a pupa( curling up in a ball)  to changing into a butterfly! (slowly unravelling and arms spread and on toes)

Plus feasting on his other stories such as The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Quiet Cricket and lots more.


JUNE 26th,

1) In 1819 the BICYCLE was PATENTED

bicycleEveryone loves a bicycle, find out all about bicycles. It is such a developmental stepping stone to be able to ride one, a perfect opportunity to chat about the bicycle and how it has changed over time, and how it works, and how to look after one.

JUNE 27th


images-47Well all know the melody of Happy Birthday…. how about creating other words to the same melody about summer!!




2)  Helen Keller.

images-28Was Born June 27, 1880.

The first deaf and blind person to earn an Arts degree. Her history.




Empower the child.



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