Stuck Indoors.

images-8Rain, snow, hail, too windy, too hot, too cold…sometimes the elements keep us indoors.

This presents a bit of a challenge as everyone wants to get outside to play and have none of the indoor restrictions.

I use this time to do something fun and different inside in the time I would normally be outside.

Some Ideas:

1) Music and Movement is a favourite. Something where the children can see a different side of you.

Sing a long songs with movements easily learned and repetitive such as The Hokey Pokey, or Sandy Girl, If you should see an Elephant, Head shoulders Knees and Toes,Put your finger on your finger…I am sure you have a repertoire of movement songs from very large movement to teeny weeny movements. There are some wonderful sing along CD’s out there to that you can pop on and follow. Encourages good listening skills!

2) I enjoying doing what I call “Story Gym” I tell a story as we exercise together.

Let me give an example:

Gather in a circle…pretend you are at Disney land, picture you are on a ride. Bend over and touch your toes then slowly slowly “climb up” the roller coaster …have the children join in the sound of the journey..”tick tick tick tick…..all the way to the top”, move your body slowly up until you hands are reaching the sky…then “whoosh….down down down” bend back down and let your hands swing down to your toes. Great fun. You can cover all sorts of common movements with a story to make it enjoyable.

3) Use your imagination to tell a story for all sorts of different movements, keeping it age and topic appropriate. You can tie it in with a theme you may be working on for example Dinosaurs, The Farm, Transport, City Life/ Country Life,  The Time Line etc.

An example: Travel through the Time Line with music and movement. What sounds and movements could you imagine in each period and have the children act and “sound” it out from a tiny cell, a growing plant, a slippery fish to a reptile, a flying dinosaur to bird..a dinosaur to a mammal.

4) Set up different “stations” where children in your classroom can experience different activities in one time frame (say the 40 mins you would usually be outside)

Example activities: A child can make their own play dough from scratch (flour, salt, water and colouring of choice) and  play with it      and take it home at the end of the day.

Tooth brush painting.

Make a sandwich, fruit salad.

Beading. Make and take home a bracelet or necklace.

5) Story Time and Drama. Choose a story, say The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and read it to your class. Now turn it into a play.  Act it out, you can be the very hungry caterpillar and they can be the goodies you are going to eat, you all change into the pupa (chrysalis) and  into a butterfly. As children love repetition they can take turns being the caterpillar. What a great way to learn the life cycle of a butterfly!

6) The Silence Game charades. Sit in a circle listen very carefully and then act out what you heard, see if the children can get it..all have a turn at acting.

Please share your ideas too on how to “play” when you and your class are stuck indoors.







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