Story Time: Books we love this week.

books 1) Everybody Needs a Rock by Bryd Baylor. 

Story about a hunt for the perfect rock and how much pleasure is taken in the seeking.

Age 4-7


10976_709475685813295_5446682546120847336_n2) Dogger by Shirley Hughes.

Has your child ever lost something precious and trying to find it whips the whole family into a tailspin?
Dogger by Shirley Hughes is a touching story about this loss, empathy, compassion and solution.

Age 3-6 years.



images3) One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth.

A tale from Percy’s Park a lovely story about a Park keeper who keeps getting knocks on his door on a snowy night. About friendship, diversity, acceptance, getting along, sorting out problems, overcoming fear. Funny too! with delightful illustrations. I highly recommend this series of Percy the Park Keeper.

Age 2-6 years.


10628568_700265070067690_270611634190621607_n4) Brain and Bob The Tale of Two Guinea Pigs by Georgie Ripper.

A story of friendship, separation, sadness and joy. Beautifully written and illustrated.

Age: 3-6 years.

($0.01 on Amazon, can’t get much better than that for this wonderful book!)


10616249_699279460166251_784122746983210409_n5) The Monster Bed by Jeanne Willis and Susan Varley.

This book offers a different perspective..from that of a baby monster with a HUMAN under his bed! sweet story about over coming fear, full of compassion and empathy and humour.


Age: 3-6 years.








Empower the child.


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