The Reading Habit.


images-3Reading helps reduce stress, increases vocabulary, develops good spelling skills, enhances smarts, creates tranquility, develops concentration and analytical thinking. I am sure you agree the list of benefits is endless.

Most importantly the world opens up to you and the enjoyment derived from reading is priceless.


The importance of making reading a routine from the birth is so valuable, and it is never to late to start sharing a love of reading.


images-50Those special quite times set aside everyday where you curl up with your child and read to them age appropriate books, throughout baby years, toddler years, as 4/ 5/6 year olds, share reading of chapter books, sharing the reading with your child, developing this into and everyday routine is so precious and develops in your child a love of reading.




Boy with safety beltRoad trips are perfect for reading too, libraries have shelves and shelves of  talking book, for young children they have an actual book to go with it, so instead of sticking on spongebob or some such DVD, how about listening to a book, you child will learn to turn the page and follow along. If the repetitiveness drives the driver mad, you can offer your child some head phones. Our family have been known to be at our destination and not want to get out of the car until the end of the chapter!

Any travel bring along some books.



The kindle, or which ever, e-reader you prefer is perfect for reading on trips, as well as being able to have the book read to you if need be.

If, you are, as I am, in a place where you do not have easy access to books, or books in your language, e-readers are a great alternative.




Get your child their own library card this is such fun, each and every child in my class had their own library card, and we went to the library once a week to listen to stories, choose books and learn how to borrow and return books.

The habit of visiting the library regularly with your child is a wonderful  habitual activity.

Libraries, especially in the summer, have a wide range of reading activities going, join in and have fun.



Try to establish a reading habit with your children during the holiday/vacation and maintain it during the School year. You will be amazed at how the simple pleasure of taking the time to read together is very worthwhile for so many reasons.




By instilling in a child a “need to read” you are enabling them to move mountains, reading empowers a child and an adult alike.

Do you have any tips for encouraging reading?

Empower the Child.

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