Peace Corner creates harmony in classrooms and at home.

56_PeaceRose_PicWhat is a Peace Corner?

A place in your classroom and/or home, that you have prepared to look inviting; perhaps a couple of cushions and a vase with a “talking stick” or Peace Rose on a small table.

I am a firm believer in the Peace Corner as a tool to keep a balance in conflicts of emotion rather than the discipline of a “time out” because:

1) It encourages communication.

2) Each person has their say in the safety and security of the Peace Corner.

3) Each person is listened to with respect.

4) Issues are resolved independently and with unanimous agreement.

5) Resentment is kept at bay.

6) An empathy is developed and practiced.

7) Patience is developed.

When introducing the children to the Peace Corner I do not make a lesson of it, or an activity of it, I try to model it.

In observing the children I see an inappropriate behavior I ask the child to join me in the Peace Corner, invite them to sit down and I do too. Then we discuss the issue and try to create a plan to resolve it. This is where the “talking stick” or Peace Rose comes in, whoever  has the stick/rose does the talking and the other person has to listen without interrupting. (quite a skill learned here!)

In observing children having issues with each other I ask them if they could please go to the Peace Corner and discuss it, and that if they need my help to let me know. I give them time to resolve things themselves. If they ask for my help, or cannot work it out together, of course, I mediate.

Soon enough you will find that the children will make use of the Peace Corner themselves and if an issue arises an invitation to chat about it in the Peace Corner will be the first reaction they will have, before coming to you to sort it out.

If you are not in the classroom, or you are somewhere where there is no physical Peace Corner, you can have with you a symbol of the Peace Corner, for example the Peace Rose. Take this with you to the play ground, or wherever  you are going, and show the children where it is so they can use it should they need to.

The Peace Corner creates a way to keep peace and harmony in your classroom, and/or your home.

With the skills learned in a Peace Corner a child will go out into the world with security and independence as well as the skills to problem solve in a kind and empathetic way.

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  • Ayo says:

    Hi Sharon,lovely concept you’ve got. Keep up the good work. But would the peace corner work for 18months – 2 and half years?

    • sharon says:

      Hi, thanks for your question, I put it to everyone on Montessori Circle’s Facebook page and got some helpful advise. That yes it can work, in that it can be a place where a child can calm down/reflect either by themselves or with an adult, always with something to do, a ball to hold or a book to look at. Very simple discussion on what behaviour is expected, demonstrate empathy, model kindness and understanding. Start how you plan to continue, peace and harmony however young, and keep in mind what the child will experience in a 3-6 Montessori environment.

  • What a beautiful idea Sharon – so positive and it does make a huge difference to have a place of beauty wherever we spend most of our time.

    I think we could do with a peace corner in our home too 🙂

    So glad I finally made it over here to your blog – you’re doing great things and already finding readers with your inspiring, loving and smart ideas. So excited for you.

    One thing I would recommend is that you get on Twitter – it’s such a great way to connect with like-minded people and I have some great Twitter tips for newbies over on Successful Blogging if you’re worried about how to get started. Don’t be though – just open an account in your real name, add a link to it from here and start playing around and seeing who’s out there.

    I’m looking forward to watching you and your blog grow and evolve over the years.

    • sharon says:

      Thanks Annabel, I must say it has been and continues to be a challenge..the mechanics of it,(doing it myself with next to nothing knowledge of computers!) the posts I love doing. Yes, I was thinking about twitter but wondered how much content I need before getting started, maybe I should just dive in! I will definitely read your twitter tips, thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

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