Offer your child something to do in adult environments.

Montessori is not big on “worksheets” but I have found in all my years teaching that a child may like the choice.

So I prepare age appropriate and more advanced work and place it on a shelf, usually in the same vacinity as the Insets for design, colour pencils, scissors etc. So a child may choose these activities if they so wish.

To help parents to keep their children engaged and busy in adult environments such as travelling with children or at a restaurant etc. Armed with a a small backpack with crayons, colour pencils, scissors and a glue stick these activities may come in handy.

Here are some resources for you to explore, the choices are endless!

As far as these work sheets go children love:

  1. Dot to dots here
  2. Tracings some great ideas here, also you could draw your own and paper clip a piece of tracing paper on top, the child traces over the design and then lifts of their tracing paper, ta da!
  3. Hidden pictures here
  4. Cutting practice here
  5. Colouring in here
  6. Colouring by numbers here
  7. Cutting and gluing here
  8. Mazes, some really fun ones here

And how wonderful this is if you match it with a weekly or monthly theme you may be discussing. For example Spring, Summer, animals, transport etc.


Empower the child.

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