Morning Circle..when is best?

images-7Morning Circle is a ritual in most Schools, and I have assumed it should be at the beginning of the day as I always thought it was a good way for a community to start the day, the question was raised in a discussion with Montessori Professionals and it made me ponder whether I am mistaken?

So I did a Poll, the results are, 65%  after the work period and 35% before the work period. Wow!


The reasons for after the work period:images-130

Because students,

1) arrive at different times and can immediately start their day.

2) that arrived on time would not have their work interrupted to have circle.

3) can arrive tardy with no fuss, or stigma and don’t cause interruptions.

4) do not miss information, presentations and the community gathering.

5) are allowed a longer uninterrupted work period.

6) come to School ready and excited to work and  benefit from an uninterrupted work period.

7) can reflect and discuss the morning work period.

8) can have an uninterrupted circle.

9) can end the work period and prepare to transition together.

10) can discuss issues that transpired during the work period.

whitney_circle_time_035-345x225The reasons for before the work period:

Because students:

1) need to arrive on time to be present for circle.

2) model grace and courtesy if they are tardy.

3) have circle time to transition from home to school environment and get prepared for school routine.

4) receive presentations and information before the day starts.

5) can develop an interest, in an activity presented at circle, to work on during the work period.

I found this food for thought and have come to the conclusion that it makes total sense to have morning circle at the end of the work period.

What do you think?

When do you have Circle?





  • Julie says:

    We actually have 2 circle times. Since we have daycare before and after school, we start circle at 9am when everyone has arrived and it is a great way to start the day. We have our special greeting good morning song, then calendar, then cover jobs that may be prevalent to our area of particular study. Before lunch, we have a closing circle time to discuss our productivity of the morning.

    • sharon says:

      Julie thanks for sharing, this is what I used to do too when we had daycare beforehand, (it also allowed for teacher prep time) and all the children where at School by nine. The after work period circle was only for the older children after all the younger children had gone outside.

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