Adjective Game.

images-1Play this Adjective Game with a small circle of children.

Get a box of crayons and the word Adjective on a Dark Blue Triangular card,and have the Adjective Grammar Symbol lay them out on a rug. ( it is important to use the correct colour and symbol because of sentence analysis later in the curriculum)

Tell the children “we are going to play an adjective game”

Look at the pile of crayons and say  “I see a blue crayon” and point to it.

“I see a (hesitate) red crayon” and point to it.

images-4“I see a (hesitate longer) pink crayon and point to it.

“I see a ( hesitate as though you are trying to think) um, um, an orange crayon” and point to it.

“I see a (hesitate) and you will find a child will volunteer a colour..”green”  you say “wow, nice adjective!”

“I see (hesitate) and another child will volunteer an adjective, and you say “yes, purple is a great adjective!”

You can can change it a bit…”can you please pass me the blue crayon” “thanks, no I want to change my adjective, can you pass me the red crayon, thanks…not the want I want I need to change my adjective, can you pass me the yellow, thanks!”

You can change the adjective, “please give me the “short” one, the “long” one” , “fat” one, “thin” one. Etc.

It becomes a fun game and the children start volunteering adjectives of their own.

With the  physical/concrete activity of changing the colour of the crayon and passing it to you and you commenting using the word “adjective” the children understand the concept.

Extensions for the game.

1) Have little baskets prepared with several objects the same but with differences, can be anything.

e.g a basket with a selection of pigs and a dark blue word triangular card with “adjective” written on it.

A black pig, a skinny pig, a pink pig, a spotted pig, a big pig, a little pig, a hairy pig, etc.

and play the game using the adjective so the child gets the correct pig.

The children can play this game in pairs, taking turns to name the adjective.

2) You can play the adjective game by describing your environment and have the children join in.

e.g. “you are wearing a lovely “spotted” dress Ella and Sue is wearing a “pink” dress. What adjective would we use when we look at Helen’s dress?” and have the children contribute, and congratulate them on the adjectives they are using.

Phonetic Adjective box

images-3A box with adjective cards, noun cards and corresponding objects (if possible). Make sure this first Adjective box is phonetic.

The child reads the noun card first finds the corresponding object and then finds and adjective car that he/she thinks fits.

If you can have the Adjective name card and the symbol with this box.


Have fun!

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