Phonetic Grammar, Nouns and Verbs.

images-16Once the child has worked with the Pink Boxes and is confident building phonetic three letter words, and “sounding out” you can introduce the Phonetic Grammar Boxes to work in tandem.

The colour coding is important as later in the curriculum you will match the grammar to grammar symbols, and this will develop from concrete symbols to abstract recognition.




images-10Noun Box (black) – 1

This box contains individual word cards of items in the classroom, e.g. box, cat, hat, fan, rag, tap, tin,ten, etc.  (find the noun list in Categories>Language>phonetic noun list) You can make a box of phonetic nouns that match you classroom, be certain that they are phonetic and three letter.

The child can “sound out”, reads, the card and goes and places it on the item. (a noun is a thing) This is a step in interpretive reading that is exciting for a child.


images-23Verb Box (red) -1

In this box are word cards with three letter phonetic verbs, such as, sit, tap, fan, mad, run, jog, sad, etc.

The verb game is like charades, two children work on this together.

On a rug sitting opposite each other one child “sounds out” reads the card and acts the word (verb=doing) and the other child guesses the word.

They take turns reading and acting.


Very concrete steps on the path to reading with interpretation and analysis.

Empower the child.


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