“Montessori did have it right” on learning through the senses.

Just read this article in Choke that Dr. Montessori did get it right: Choke

What the secrets of the brain reveal about getting it right when you have to
by Sian Beilock, Ph.D.
New research has discovered that: Learning through the senses is what is thought to teach the brain to develop skills faster and earlier.
As Montessori teachers,
DSC04605we understand the connection between learning through the senses and brain development, we are not brain scientists but we see that development every day in our classrooms. The joy the children show by “doing” and achieving in a natural and developmental way. As well as having a huge advantage in that what they “do” they remember.
Children in a Montessori School do so much to “train the brain” so to speak; they trace letters and numbers so see, hear, and feel the shape. They build and learn math and language through scientifically developed blocks like the pink tower, broad stair, red rods, number rods. They learn language by building farms and physically building sentences, they walk around the classroom to find nouns and act out verbs; these examples are a minuscule drop of gold in a Montessori classroom’s treasure trove.
A Montessori teacher teaches through the senses, methodically demonstrating materials which allow and encourage the child to explore, grow and  to feed his/her brain.
This teaching through the senses sets a child up for life, and I believe is one of the keys as to why Montessori taught children have the reputation of being more advanced.
Why does it take mainstream so long, a hundred years, to get the point?
Empower the Child.

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