Phonetic Blue, 4 or more letters.

Once the child is familiar and confident with three letter phonetic words, you can introduce the Blue Phonetic Materials which consist of 4 or more letter phonetic words.

You will find the Blue Phonetic word list in Categories>language>lists.

(be careful that these words are phonetic, non phonetic words do not belong in the blue material stage.)


As with the Pink Phonetic materials, the Blue Phonetic Materials consist of:

images-61) Objects and Large Movable Alphabet, sound out and build words.





images-182) Objects and Word Cards, sound out and find corresponding object.





images-193) Picture Cards and Word Cards, sound out and find corresponding picture card.





images-84) Picture Chart and Word Cards, sound out and place word under the picture on the chart.


5) Introduction of Phonetic 4 or more double letter words (see word list) such as cliff, stiff. Fluff, stuff. Mull, gull. etc.



Phonetic Blue Boxes each one with a group of words and pictures with the same double letter, sounded out as one sound, and place under the corresponding picture.

6) Introduction of “ck’ words. e.g. sack, crack, deck, fleck, duck, luck, lick, pick, lock, dock, ( see list).

These Phonetic Blue boxes can be grouped into same vowel, but usually at this stage of the curriculum I have found that the child is able to recognise the subtleties of the different vowels.

jml2187) Word lists (no pictures or objects) List of phonetic, 4 or more letter, words to sound out and read moving to the abstract.





8) Secrets box, more difficult, longer phonetic words written on slips of paper and folded placed in the box. The child unfolds the paper and has the challenge of deciphering the word. (Has to be phonetic to empower the child) e.g. fossil, blossom, muffin, bumps, prism.(see word list)


images-139) Phonetic sentences and picture and/or objects, blue sentence cards with a phonetic sentence and a box of objects/pictures, the child reads the sentence and finds the corresponding picture card or objects and places them as instructed by the sentence. For example: The belt is red. The doll has a dress on.The net is on the rabbit. Etc.




images-15Have all these boxes available and with easy access for  the children to choose from labelled clearly and colour coded.

This will encourage independence and free choice.




Questions and/or comments are very welcome.

Empower the Child.




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