Is Montessori Accreditation necessary?

montessori in schoolI have often asked myself “is it important for a Montessori School to be Accredited?  It is an enormous undertaking at best and is very expensive, it it worth it?

I am not convinced mainly because:

1) Montessori establishments that offer Accreditation are pursuing their own agenda, for example a small thing as, if you go for a AMS Accreditation your School needs to be a member of AMS for a year before you can even start the process, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mind you is that a bad thing? We understand that Big League Schools freely promote themselves so why not Montessori?

2) Do schools need Accreditation to be on the “Map” so to speak?

I don’t think so, there are so many truly wonderful authentic small Montessori Schools in the world that simply cannot afford what it takes to be Accredited. Should they be dismissed because they do not have Accreditation? Certainly not.

3) Is Accreditation a selling point for the School?

It may be to Parents who need that extra assurance that the School is under the Montessori blanket so to speak, but does that parent know where the Accreditation comes from and do they trust that establishment? There are many discrepancies between the Accreditation Establishments so criteria is biased.

4) There should, in a perfect world, be an Establishment of Montessori Accreditation that does not offer Montessori training, one that has an collaborative and inclusive global agenda.

So until such time as change is forthcoming and Montessori Schools have that option; a Montessori School could consider agreeing to adhere to the Montessori Europe Declaration of Gothenburg .

Which could be posted in the School as a promise to Teachers, Parents and Students.

Accreditation is not the key to a Montessori School’s success, success comes from the School’s hard work and the advocacy of the parents and students.

What do you think about Accreditation?





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