Knowledge of the World. July 7th-15th.

July’s Stone is the Ruby, and the Flower is the Water Lily.

Celebrate July as the National Recreation and Parks Month.(USA)

July 7th.

220px-Ansel_Adams_-_National_Archives_79-AAB-01Building of Hoover Dam begins in 1931.

Here is some information about the Dam.





July 8th.

256px-Liberty_Bell_2008The Liberty Bell cracks in 1835

It originally cracked when first rung after arrival in Philadelphia, and was twice recast by local workmen John Pass and John Stow, whose last names appear on the bell. In its early years, the Liberty Bell was used to summon lawmakers to legislative sessions and to alert citizens to public meetings and proclamations. ( Here’s how to draw the Liberty Bell.



July 9th.

images-38National Sugar Cookie Day. Here’s a recipe for children to make some!





July 10th.

images-42Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day. “If you go down in the woods today, you are sure of a big surprise…”

The song to sing along with your children.





July 11th.

images-44Author E.B. White’s Birthday, born in 1899, he wrote Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan..among much more.

Wonderful stories to read out loud to your children or to borrow from the library as talking books.





July 12th.

images-45Paper bag machine patented in 1871, the machine was invented by Margaret E. Knight. How about making a Paper Bag Puppet.





images-50George Washington Carver was born in 1861. An Agriculturist.

Very interesting man he developed more than 300 uses for the lowly peanut, thus creating instant markets for the dirt-poor farmers. Included in the variety of uses for the peanut were dyes, glue, marble, printer’s ink, punches, vanishing cream, and Worcestershire sauce.  (

How about making your own Peanut Butter!



images-52Asala-Dharma Day. The start of Buddha’s teachings. 1st sermon was “The Wheels of Truth”

This is a wonderful site where you can download the Life Story of Buddha as a colouring book.



July 13th.

images-48Marcia Joan Brown born in 1918, she wrote children’s books, Billy Goats Gruff, Puss in Boots and many more. Time to visit the library.




July 14th

images-53Bastille Day is the name given in English speaking countries to the French National Day, which is celebrated on 14 July each year. In France, it is formally called La Fête Nationale and commonly Le quatorze juillet.(Wikipedia)

Here are some colourings of the French Flag and other french goodies.




images-55International Town Criers Day: It was a very important job!

In olden times, when few people were literate, and there was little access to printed media, town criers were a central part of urban living. Town criers were responsible for keeping the populace up to date with the latest news and events, and for distributing news from the ruling classes to the wider populace.

Have a classroom crier on this day, someone who can share the classroom news in this way, a great sedge way into discussion on how things have evolved since then!


July 15th

images-56Rembrandt was born 1606. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was a Dutch painter and etcher. He is generally considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art and the most important in Dutch history. (Wikipedia)

A Rembrandt colouring book for you to download.




images-57St Swithun’s (Swithin) Day. Tradition says that whatever the weather on St. Swithun’s Day it will continue for the next 40 days!

Have fun charting the weather for the next 40 days and see if St Swithun is right!




Empower the child.



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