Key indicators as to whether a Montessori School is Authentic.

Considering a Montessori School for your child? When you visit look out for these key indicators as to whether it is an authentic Montessori environment. 

classroom october

1) THIS: Flow,

Open room with low shelves.

Work area with child size tables and chairs.

Floor work area with mats and rugs.

Areas of work set on low shelves, age appropriate for Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Math.

Writing area with insets for design as well as other art activities such as cutting, gluing etc.

Culture Area/Knowledge of the World.

Reading/Library area.

Peace Corner.

Snack table where children are free to come and go and eat snack if and when they want it.

Some Schools have boards for display, but no busy, distracting, murals or cartoons.



 NOT THIS: walls full of stuff, worksheets laid out on tables, very little floor space. Star charts, progress charts, work lists, jobs lists etc.





2) Timages-80HIS: Teachers engaging with the child individually or in small groups. Usually sitting on the floor. Encouraging participation.





images-59 NOT THIS: No active participation, no hands on, no innovation or participation.





images-603) THIS: Children working individually or in groups absorbing through the senses.





images-64 NOT THIS: rote learning.





images-664) THIS: Collective or individual celebration.





72SlN.St.4 NOT THIS: Publicly making an example of a child, flattery and praise.






images-655) THIS: Collaboration, discussion, innovation and respect.




images-69 NOT THIS: All on the same page.





6images-72) THIS: Resolving conflicts peacefully and independently. With confidence to ask an adult for help if need be.






 NOT THIS: Time out, never.




images-737) THIS: Independence to choose their own work, when to use the rest room, etc.





iso-ie303-019 NOT THIS: Having to ask permission for every move they make.





images-758) NOT THIS: No teacher’s desk in a Montessori classroom. She/he may possibly have a shelf.





images-77 9) THIS: A fresh clean welcoming feel and look to the classroom, and everything at the child’s level. Children being empowered by the sense of order and routine in their classroom.

A classroom that can be maintained by all of the children as a community who care for their environment.





 NOT THIS: Teacher driven.





fp_214b10) THIS: Conferring and discussing, talking in class is encouraged.





images-78 NOT THIS: Working in silence unless talking to the teacher.





images-8111) THIS: An age range 3-6 year olds in one classroom, older children mentoring the younger children. A 3 hour uninterrupted work period.





images-82 NOT THIS: Children streamed according to age.






Empower the Child.









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