How to make Back to School a Smooth Transition.

You can be a huge influence in ensuring your child has a great “Back to School” transition.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can help:


images-12 1. Visit the School before hand, hopefully the teacher would have set up a casual orientation day so your child is familiar with the new School and their Teacher, make sure they know their teacher’s name.

2. Have the attitude that going to School is a super, talk positively about your time at School. Discuss what their daily routine might be like. Ask siblings to help with positive stories from School.

3. Read books about First Day at School, chat about the other “new” children who’s first day it will be too. Offer suggestions as to how they can help each other.

4. Involve your child in the preparations of going back to school, in the shopping and in packing his/her backpack and laying clothes out the night before. (no stress on the day!)

5. Get in the routine of going to bed and getting up as though you were going to school a least a week before School, it will be less of shock to the end of lazy summer vacation mornings.


images-16 1. Get there on time or before, do not be late. This really is so essential and avoids a rushed hectic morning leaving everyone flustered, nervous and insecure.

2. Meet and greet the teacher and then say your goodbyes matter of factly, do not linger. Help by all means, to hang a coat, or put away a backpack and then be on your way with a kiss, hug, and “you will be fine..see you later”. Save your tears and anxiety for when you are completely off the premises.

3. Make sure your child is your focus, do not start chatting with other parents before saying goodbye to your child, if you do want to talk to other parents do it outside where your child cannot see you.

4. When dropping off your child keep your cell phone firmly in your bag, your priority is a smooth transition for your child and you, no distractions.


images-131. Be there, it is very important that you are not late. ( your child will be anxiously waiting and seeing you will be a huge relief)

2. Sign out and focus on your child and check that they have all their belongings..start this routine now.

3. Only chat to other parents after your child has had your full attention. (no cell phone at pick up)

4. Do not bombard them with questions, wait until you are together quietly and start by leading the conversation, for example ” I remember my first day at School I was nervous but it was ok actually, was it like that for you?”

5. Feed your child, let them relax and adjust to the feeling that they did it!! Then they will feel more inclined to share how their day was with you.

Empower your child.





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