How to: Control of Error

How often have we watched a child use a Montessori Material and wanted to jump in, explain or demonstrate it again.

Note to self: Take a step back and encourage exploration without adult interference or assistance.

Mantra “Control of Error ”




Montessori Materials in the 3-6 classroom have a unique built in visual control of error that gives feedback to the child and is designed to enable a child to:




Correct their own mistakes.





Discover and be independent.





Practice and develop reasoning.






Observe and concentrate.





Become analytical and develop the ability to solve problems.

Develop self esteem and self discipline.



Eliminate fear of failure. It’s not failure only practice.

Recognise and become aware.




To be satisfied and successful.





Enrich a child’s experience with the materials by encouraging them to practice and practice until they feel success through Control of Error.

Empower the child.


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