Fascinating Facts For Projects with Children August 11th-17th

In the Southern Hemisphere August is the equivalent of February in the Northern Hemisphere.

images-23August’s flower is the Gladiolus or Poppy, meaning beauty, strength of character, love, marriage and family.

The stone is the Peridot.




August 11th.

images1. Play in the Sand Day.

2. The last total solar eclipse of the millennium occurred in 1999.

3. Don Freeman was born in 1908. Author of Corduroy and other children’s books.



August 12th.

images-91. World Elephant Day

2. Tyrannosaurus Sue Discovered in 1990 by palaeontologist Sue Hendrickson.

3. National Vinyl Records Day. Started by a non profit Vinyl Record Day Company  to preserve vinyl music, culture art and sound.

4.Middle Children’s Day.


August 13th.

images-191. International Left-handers Day.

2. Fall of the Azetec Empire, 1512.

3. Annie Oakley was born in 1860



August 14th.

images-111. First picture from Space 1959 (spaceanswers.com)

2. Senior Citizen Day.

3. Alice Provensen born in 1917. Children’s book author.


August 15th.

images-121. New Solar System discovered, 2001

2. Julia Child born in Pasadena CA. in 1912

3. Transcontinental Railroad completed 1870 (johnweeks.com)

4. Panama Canal was first used in 1914.


August 16th.

images-161. International Homeless Animals Day.

2. National Tell a Joke Day (US)

3. Roller Coaster Day. Roller Coaster Patented in 1898

4. Beatrice de Regniers Born in 1914, author of Children’s books. She wrote the Enchanted Forest.


August 17th.

images-221. Davy Crocket born in Tennessee in 1786.

2. Myra Cohn Livingston Born in 1926. She wrote poetry and was a huge supporter of Children’s literature.

3. Klondike Gold Rush Begins, 1896, prospectors found gold in the Yukon Territory in Canada, setting the stage for a “gold rush”.






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