Fascinating Facts for Projects with Children. June 9th-15th.


images-4June is the sixth month of the year. It has 30 days.

June is named for the Roman goddess Juno, the wife of Jupiter. She is goddess of marriage, because of this, getting married in June was thought to be lucky. June begins on a different day of the week each year. (wikipedia)



images-6June’s flower is the Rose.





images-14June’s birthstone is the pearl. The meaning for the birthstone pearl is health.





images-7June 9th

1) 1934 Donald Duck makes his debut.





images-12June 10th National Yo Yo Day (US)

Maurice Sendak was born in 1928, author of The Wild Ones. See more here.





June 11th –

1) The Great Barrier Reef Discovered – 1770, the Great Barrier Reef was discovered off the coast of Australia by Captain James Cook.

2) Jacques Cousteau was born this day in 1910.


baseball_field_clip_art_15812June 12th: Baseball was invented in 1839





DSC_0004June 14th: Sandpaper was invented by I. Fischer Jr. in 1834.





images-17June 15th:

1) Father’s Day. Lots of Ideas here.

2) Fly a Kite Day, make an easy paper kite.


Empower the child.






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