Children’s Poetry Day 21st Of March

Children’s Poetry day, how poetic that it coincides with the first day of Spring!

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comRhyming Daisy


Language: phonetic word building.

Art and Craft: coloring, gluing, cutting.

Math: counting, odd and even, geometry.

Culture: Children’s Poetry Day.

Age appropriate: 3- 6 with different levels of preparation.


Explain poetry on a simple level and give some examples of simple rhyming. Read some age appropriate poetry, I find that a funny/mischievous poem will peak interest and giggles.

daisy-with-dropped-petal-hiWe are going to create a Rhyming Daisy.

Use the circle inset for design and draw the center of the daisy, give each child a “petal” cut out of card, for the older children let them cut it out.

Use the Large moveable Alphabet to build rhyming words, (cat, bat, mat, sat etc.) with a group of children or one at a time.

Start the children off by saying “I think cat rhymes with hat”

“I wonder what hen rhymes with? fin? sun? Bob? and encourage the child to “sound out” their idea with the large movable alphabet.

Children 3-4 you can prepare the petals and write the words they offer, they could trace the letters and decorate the petal.

Children 4-6 can write the words themselves or trace your writing.

Then they can glue the petals around the circle and count them as they go, noticing odd and even numbers. You ave a rhyming daisy.

Extension: After they have the rhyming concept perhaps you can extend it to a rhyming sentence and finally a poem. This is a fun activity for circle too.

Pick up a Poetry Anthology from the library where you have a vast variety of poetry.












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