April 10th Arbor Day activities.

April – Things to do.

forest_sceneApril 10th: Arbor Day.

Plant a tree with your children. Grow a tree from an avocado seed.

ART/SCIENCE: Visit the Park, and take tree rubbings. (all that’s needed is a piece of white, or light coloured, paper, and wax crayons) I use old wax crayons stripped of  paper, place the piece of paper on the tree and rub with the crayon…amazing patterns appear. Compare bark from different trees. Great sensorial activity too. Identify trees near you. Teach terminology, indigenous, evergreen, dormant etc.




SENSORIAL/SCIENCE: leaf colours compared to colour box 3. Collect leaves and lay them on a rug on the floor, try and find the corresponding colour from colour box 3. You will be amazed at the colours of nature!




images-24SCIENCE/BOTANY. The Leaf tray, pairing and naming the different leaf shapes. Wonderful opportunity for a project on leaves, from simple to more depth making it age appropriate.  Make a tree in your classroom; prepare a large trunk and branches, collect a variety of leaves, dip them one by one in paint and make a leaf print..let it dry and cut around the leaf shape, stick them on the branches of your “tree”. Or print directly onto your tree.

Make Terminology cards for parts of the leaf with the children.



images-25CULTURE: Forests around the world, their differences, their similarities. Find them on the Globe, or appropriate maps, instill in your children the importance of Forests/ Jungles and their fragile eco systems.







LANGUAGE: lots of new words to discover here, beautiful stories to read, imaginative stories to write and/or illustrate.




Recommended book:


A tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry.

Story of a man who plans to cut down a massive tree, before he does he rests next to the tree, he falls asleep and while he snoozes the animals in the Forest come and whisper in his ear..




Have fun..add your ideas….thank you.


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