Fascinating Facts for Projects with Children. July 1st-6th.

July: Stone is the Ruby and Flower is the Water Lily. JULY 1ST: CANADA DAY, Canadian Independence, 1867.         US Post Office issues its First Stamp in … Continue Reading →


Summer Time Respite and Making Choices.

Summer freedom from routine, time to hangout, get away, be out all day exploring the neighbourhood with friends, inventing games, riding bikes, swimming and being bored! In our frenetic school … Continue Reading →



I am a Montessori Teacher with 25 years teaching experience in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Europe and the United States. After School hours, I tutor those that need that little bit extra help … Continue Reading →


The Atmosphere in a Montessori School.

The atmosphere and feeling one should experience when entering a Montessori School. You are entering a “Children’s House” this is a child’s place, a place where children are safe, secure … Continue Reading →


Key indicators as to whether a Montessori School is Authentic.

Considering a Montessori School for your child? When you visit look out for these key indicators as to whether it is an authentic Montessori environment.  1) THIS: Flow, Open room … Continue Reading →


Why Choose a Montessori School?

  • By sharon
  • 5 June, 2016
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Why Montessori? Here are a few very important reasons, a Montessori environment will encourage your child  to develop a life long love of exploration and learning. 1) Freedom of Choice: In … Continue Reading →


Fantasy and Imagination

I shared a comment from The Full Montessori on my Montessori Circle facebook page, and it got me thinking. It was about how fed up a mother was listening to … Continue Reading →


The Pink Tower: Firstly…

The Pink Tower: Roll out a rug on the floor in preparation.         Go to the shelf with the child and demonstrate how to carefully lift the … Continue Reading →


Language and literacy in the prepared classroom environment.

Montessori Language materials have been developed to follow a child’s natural progress. (observation and recognition of Sensitive Periods for language.) Place the language materials on your shelves with order and progression … Continue Reading →


Fascinating Facts. September 22nd-28th.

September the Stone is the Sapphire and the Flower is the Astor. The 4th week is National Dog Week (US)       September 22nd: 1) Autumnal Equinox 1st Day of … Continue Reading →