Fantasy and Imagination

I shared a comment from The Full Montessori on my Montessori Circle facebook page, and it got me thinking. It was about how fed up a mother was listening to … Continue Reading →


The Pink Tower: Firstly…

The Pink Tower: Roll out a rug on the floor in preparation.         Go to the shelf with the child and demonstrate how to carefully lift the … Continue Reading →


Language and literacy in the prepared classroom environment.

Montessori Language materials have been developed to follow a child’s natural progress. (observation and recognition of Sensitive Periods for language.) Place the language materials on your shelves with order and progression … Continue Reading →


Fascinating Facts. September 22nd-28th.

September the Stone is the Sapphire and the Flower is the Astor. The 4th week is National Dog Week (US)       September 22nd: 1) Autumnal Equinox 1st Day of … Continue Reading →


Fascinating Facts. September 15th-22nd.

September’s Stone is the Sapphire and the Flower is the Astor.  Grow some Astors for a spray of colour for autumn.           September 15 1) Hispanic Heritage Month: … Continue Reading →


Involve Children in Classroom Administration and Record keeping.

In the 3-6 classroom record keeping and admin can be a challenge. Involving the children in simple administration is rewarding for the child, parents and you.       TWO … Continue Reading →


Back to School, a check list on preparing your Montessori Environment.

Preparing your classroom can be daunting and overwhelming, but working on it is very rewarding. See your classroom with new eyes and give it a fresh and inviting new look. Step … Continue Reading →


How to make Back to School a Smooth Transition.

You can be a huge influence in ensuring your child has a great “Back to School” transition. Here are a few ideas as to how you can help: BEFORE THE … Continue Reading →


Fascinating Facts for Projects. 21st-27th June.

JUNE 21st 1) SUMMER SOLSTICE Summer solstice when the sun is at its highest point and the Northern hemisphere has it’s longest day of sunlight. The longest summer evening is celebrated in many … Continue Reading →